What is Aptoide?

Aptoide AboutAptoide is a third party app store made to further simplify the app download process for every user across platforms by making it very simple, exiting and safe. Aptoide is a community driven app store which means every user can open their own app store on this platform, manage it an let other users download and use their apps.

If you are unable to find an app that you are looking for in the official apps store or Google play store then look in Aptoide’s app collection and you will surely find it there. If you are spectacle about the safety of your phone against these apps then be assured, Aptoide tests every app thoroughly and makes sure no app has any viruses and is stealing your personal information.

Aptoide is a very unique kind of app store and this opens the opportunity to add a ton of cool and useful features in their app store. Some of the best features of the Aptoide app store are briefly explained below, take a look.

Aptoide Features

  • If you are concerned about your privacy and do not want to give away your email, you can still download apps from Aptoide app store and this also saves a lot of time
  • If you are unable to find a specific app in any app store that you are looking for, chances are Aptoide probably has it and you can download it efficiently from their app store
  • No other app store provides the feature of downgrading your app to previous versions but Aptoide surely does. If the new version of the app has added features that you do not like then you always have the option to go to the previous version.
  • As mentioned earlier, every user can open their stores and choose the name, logo, and color theme of their app store
  • Aptoide has a unique apps timeline that lets you know about the apps and app store you might be interested in based on your interests and it is super helpful
  • You can follow other app store on Aptoide an know who is following you like any other social network and you can also keep your app store private
  • You can rate and review apps and stores and also reply to other users’ comments on your apps or app stores
  • You can also share apps locally with other smart phone users without needing any internet connection.

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