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Aptoide AndroidAre you looking for an app for your android smart phone but do not seem to find it on the official Google play store? Most of the useful and exciting apps get banned and removed from the Play Store and they are only available on some of the third party app stores and one such app store is Aptoide. There is a very good chance that Aptoide will have the app you are looking for in their collection if it is removed from Google play store.

Aptoide is a sort of social network for app developers and users where anyone can open their app store and provide apps to be downloaded by other users. Users of this app store share useful apps with one another and you do not even need to sign up to download your desired apps from this app store. Aptoide has a feed like any other social network but for apps and it shows the app stores and apps that you might be interested in based on your search history and interests.

You can use Aptoide to download apps on any android smart phone, rooted or not. The majority of the apps on Aptoide app store are for android devices. You will find all your favorite apps compiled together at the same place. You will also find all the popular apps on this app store such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

If you are unhappy with the recent update of any popular app and wish to go back to the previous version of the app but the play store is not letting you, just download the previous version of the apps from Aptoide and you can easily downgrade to the version of the app you want.

Download Aptoide Android

You can download the Aptoide Android app by following the below given steps.

  • Download APK File.
  • Locate the downloaded apk file on your phone.
  • Install the Aptoide app like any other app.
  • Open the Aptoide app store from app drawer and explore different app stores and download unlimited apps.
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